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Children's Singing Lessons

UVD Studios offers group, paired and individual lessons for students under the age of 12.
Our belief is that the most important thing to cultivate in a young singer is a love for singing/music and to instil a strong foundation of music knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. 

Young students will:
  • learn a range of songs in multiple genres, from contemporary pop to musical theatre
  • have performance opportunities to get used to singing in front of audiences (not forced or compulsory)
  • prepare for auditions, exams and eisteddfods- if students are in need of assistance for an external performance, we are happy to help!
  • learn basic to advanced technical theory, such as intervals, cadences, scales, sight reading, fricatives, methods & mechanisms, breathing technique, timing & rhythm, expression & dynamics plus MUCH MORE! 
  • have LOTS OF FUN!!!! Lessons are creative- we love to see our junior students smile!

AMEB/Trinity College Exams

Did you know AMEB & TRINITY COLLEGE exams can help with School enrolment & acceptance, scholarships, The Queensland Certificate of Education (final high school certification) & Entrance to ANY university course? 

At UVD, we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in exams & we are more than proud that we have had 100% success with all university applicants at tertiary institutions such as QUT, UQ, Griffith (The Conservatorium) & JMC. 

UVD Studios now offers the brand new and brilliant AMEB Musical Theatre syllabus (2017). 

We believe that exams:
  • teach fundamental vocal and performance techniques
  • create an opportunity for assessment & self-reflection 
  • cultivate goals and discipline for the singer with a structured, guided program & possible achievements 
  • generate pride and confidence in the singer through personal achievement & diligence

Music Industry Development - Coaching & Advising

With many years in the professional music industry, Managing Director Scott Hall shares his industry knowledge and connects UVD students with people “in the know” to assist with the following:
  • Management for artists/bands
  • Placing students in contact with reputable recording & sound engineering experts, visual artists & fellow musicians
  • media plans & self-promotion
  • professionalism in the music industry
  • overcoming personal obstacles to be the performer they want to be
  • image and character development 
  • safety in the industry 

Live Music Program/Performance Opportunities

Throughout the year, UVD provides multiple performance opportunities for students, for friends and family to attend. 

These can include:
  • professional performances in large venues with a live professional band, lighting & sound engineer
  • local concerts & studio performances
  • fundraising concerts 
  • 2018- live venue gigs at public venues

**please note- live music programs are for students who have been in lessons for a period of time and are ready to progress to the next level. A student that isn't ready, prepared or confident will not be pressured into performing. 

Vocal Repair

Tired, sore voice? Losing your voice? Coughing when singing? Range-restricted? Difficulties in producing power in your voice? Inability to sing for lengthy sessions? Poor breathing? Difficulties in articulation and communication?

These are all things our Principal Singing Voice Specialist Lauren Mackay can help with. Lauren is happy to collaborate with ENT’s, Pediatricians, Speech Pathologists and laryngologists to ensure the ultimate health and repair of any speech or singing issues. There is hope for singers who may have had damage or poor technique & with many years of practice and training, Lauren brings about practical, lasting results for her students. 

Creative Keys & Guitar

Creative is a non-traditional, innovative, personalised style of Piano/Guitar lessons intended to extend the experienced musician or help the beginner formulate foundations in piano/guitar playing. Taught by professional musician Moni, lessons are infused with practical, current industry knowledge and set students up with a style relevant to any music venture

Elite & Beginner Vocal/Singing Lessons

“Singing sessions- what to expect"?
12 years & over- each lesson is individually designed according to specific needs. 

This may include- 
  • breath management 
  • anchoring & support techniques
  • explicit technique instruction for deep understanding & freedom of the voice
  • vocal tract & vocal fold training
  • posture & alignment advice; stance & tension training 
  • management of performance anxiety and nerves 
  • correction of misunderstood vocal technique 
  • therapy for vocal damage or stress 
  • pitch precision work
  • articulation training
  • timing/rhythmic work; phrasing
  • performance coaching 
  • audition coaching
  • working on songs/increasing repertoire
  • warm up strategies & programs
  • free audio tracks for practice (backing tracks & exercises) 
  • songwriting advice & song interpretation 
  • microphone technique 
  • recorded lessons for the student to keep

Complete Speech & Vocal Coaching

With more than 30 years of ongoing training in speech, Principal Singing Voice Specialist Lauren Mackay offers practical speech training, catering to the speech professional (teachers, comedians, lecturers, actors, pastors) to maintain professional standards and to promote vocal health. 

This may include:
  • articulation work (clarity of speech) 
  • pace/speed of speech 
  • breath control 
  • organisation of thoughts & communication 
  • complete vocal health & holistic well-being
  • correction of speech placement & healthy speaking technique

Managing Director Scott Hall also offers training sessions with specific advice for MC’s for multiple events, such as weddings & concerts.